Spectral Kitten - Spectral Tiger Cub Details

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Card Name

Spectral Kitten


Spectral Tiger Cub

Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.





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When clicked by mouse it sounds a kitten version of the Spectral Tiger roar. When cub is sitting, it patiently waits for character to move some distance before catching up at high speed.


The Spectral Tiger is the quintessential Loot card for collectors out there, and now they'll have a little kitten to add to their spectral menagerie. This companion pet comes with tiny little armor to match his size, and lets out a haunting meow when you click on him. Stop to check your mail and it will wait patiently for you, and then run to catch up to you when you head on your way after business has been attended to. As the rare Loot card of the expansion, this is one kitty that plenty of fans will be wanting to get their hands on!

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