Robotic Homing Chicken - Rocket Chicken

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Card Name

Robotic Homing Chicken


Rocket Chicken

Binds when picked up

Use: Right Click to summon and dismiss your chicken.





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In a remarkable deviation from cultural norms, the goblins of The Black Flame have adopted chicken related technology and adapted it to their own purposes. Being goblins, they have taken an existing model and improved it in, to goblins, the best way possible: by attaching two whopping great rockets to it and calling it a day.


The Rocket Chicken is a non combat pet, summonable as normal for such items. It greatly resembles the [Mechanical Chicken] and [Gnomish Battle Chicken] model, with the addition of two goblin-made rockets (complete with smiley faces), one on either side.

This pet has 2 unique animations. Every 20 seconds or so it will hover back and forth with it's rockets, then land safely on the ground. Occasionally it will mess this up and explode in a comical burst of feathers and smoke after rocketing several feet into the air. Both of these animations will happen even if it is following you, so it's not uncommon for it to be bouncing towards you at 5,000mph trying to catch up.

The card "Robotic Homing Chicken," from the fourth Trading Card set, "March of the Legion," This is the first tier rare loot card. ~1 in 50 boosters.

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