Papa Hummels Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit - Pet Biscuit

Papa Hummels Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit - Pet Biscuit Details

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Card Name

Papa Hummels Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit


Pet Biscuit

10 yd range
Using this food close will dramatically increase your non combat pets size.





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Feed your non combat pet and it will grow in size


In the MMO, when you redeem this item from Landro Longshot™ in Booty Bay™, he’ll provide you with a stack of consumable biscuits. If you feed your cosmetic pet a biscuit, the pet will grow in size. Its final size will scale depending on the model of the pet, but a general reference is to the size of an average animal hunter pet.

Each time you redeem one of these loot cards with Landro, you will get a stack of the biscuits (quantity is still being finalized). Once you use that stack, they are indeed gone. As noted in the article, these are "super-common", so it is possible that more than one copy of this loot card will appear in a single box.


  • Gives a small weather effect above your head
  • Has no level requirment
  • You loose the buff on death (confirmed)

Can be used: Outdoors, Indoors, In instances (dungeons, both raid and 5man), In battlegrounds, In arenas, Is not affected by the GCD (Global Cooldown), Is instant cast, Persists while mounted (not confirmed on flightpaths), Can only be applied to yourself (targetting anyone else has no effect), Cannot be used when you would otherwise be unable to use a spell, e.g., When Mounted, While casting another spell, Dead (released or still with your corpse), Is not equippable, is used from your inventory, Has a 30second cooldown

Gives a buff with no visible duration called 'Personalized Weather' which applys the weather effect
The buff has a hidden duration of 30 seconds which once reached will either:
Change Weather Type and Reapply itself (possibly reapplying the same weather effect) extending its duration for a further 30 seconds
Expire and disappear (removing the weather effect)

Has 4 different weather effects (which all have the same buff name, but different description):

  • The forecast calls for sun
  • The forecast calls for clouds
  • The forecast calls for showers with a chance of lightning
  • The forecast calls for snow

    Other interesting information:
    This item is completely *useless* and is soley there as a bit of a toy

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