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Landro Longshot


Tabard of Flame

Binds when picked up
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The Tabard of Flame is one of two tabards (the other being the Tabard of Frost) obtainable as a reward from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. These two tabards are the only epic-quality tabards in World of Warcraft.


The easiest way to get one is to buy one off eBay. If you want the excitement of finding one then I suggest buying a few Onyxia's Raid Decks. They are somewhat common in the Treasure Packs. Available in Heroes of Azeroth booster packs and Onyxia's Lair Raid decks. Averages 1 in 121 boosters (24 boosters per box) in HoA.

The first release of the World of Warcraft TCG (Heroes of Azeroth) contains 3 Legendary cards. The 3 legendary cards have 3 different rates of insertion. Landro is equivalent to a rare. The insertion rates listed below are estimates based on currently released information. Actual rates may be vary.

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