Gone Fishin - Fishing Chair Details

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Card Name

Gone Fishin


Fishing Chair

Binds when picked up

Use: Right Click to set up a comfy fishing chair.





Best Deal

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Using the item creates a comfortable chair and umbrella. You can fish while sitting in this chair.


While seated you can eat, drink, or fish. The item now lasts 5 minutes.

It has a starfish and a worm on a hook under the umbrella. You don't have to be near water to use it.

Other players aren't allowed to sit in or steal your chair. However, often players will come up and do /sit on top of the chair to appear as though they are sitting in the chair.

The card "Gone Fishin," from the third Trading Card set, "Fires of Outland," This is the second tier rare loot card. ~1 in 280 boosters.

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